Staff led Vernal Pool WalkOne of the NLC’s primary missions is to serve as an advocacy group for the island’s environmental interests. One of the most important building blocks for a strong advocate is education and outreach. The NLC has always strived to not only be a voice for the island’s natural resources, but to provide the island community with the educational tools to use their own voice as well.

Our educational programs take place across a variety of platforms. We strive to produce literature and publications that give up to date information on local environmental issues. From our biannual newsletters and more frequent e-blasts to brochures and inserts in the newspaper, we use all forms of media to reach beyond our membership. The Land Council also seeks to convey valuable information and provide memorable experiences to the community directly through workshops and field trips. Finally, the Land Council has been at the forefront of local environmental education in Nantucket’s public and private schools. Classroom instruction, educational grants for school projects and guided field trips out into Nantucket’s natural environment are all important aspects of our school programs.

The NLC believes that education is truly fundamental to our role as an environmental leader on Nantucket.