Grow Native for Nantucket

Our ‘Grow Native for Nantucket’ initiative is a comprehensive effort to highlight and raise awareness about the significance of native plants within our island’s ecosystem. Native plants are uniquely adapted to our island environment and require little to no intervention in the form of fertilizers, pesticides or irrigation. Discover why it is so important to “Grow Native” and how it benefits our island, explore valuable resources and helpful tips for integrating native plants into your landscape, and contribute to the preservation of Nantucket’s natural resources and our island heritage.

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Native Plants: Natural Protectors of the Environment

Native plants, native to Nantucket, have evolved over thousands of years to thrive in its coastal habitats. They form crucial relationships with the island’s wildlife, providing food, shelter, and habitat. Additionally, their deep roots help prevent erosion and stabilize soil, protecting the fragile coastal ecosystem. Native plants play a vital role in maintaining biodiversity and ecological resilience while safeguarding Nantucket’s waters and its environment.

What You Can Do

Discover more about the ways in which cultivating native plants improves our vital efforts to support clean water, coastal resilience, biodiversity, pollinators, the health and safety of our pets, and much more.

1) Take stock of your lawn and gardens
2) Get acquainted with Nantucket’s native plants and what they have to offer
3) Look for opportunities to incorporate more natives into your landscape
4) Talk to your landscaper about reducing your impact and transitioning towards a Nantucket natural landscape

Examples of Growing Native for Nantucket:

Are you contributing to the health of the island through your home landscape? Consider applying for a Conservation Commendation with the Nantucket Garden Club and the Nantucket Land & Water Council!


Landscaping with Native Plants on Nantucket Brochure:
Nantucket Conservation Foundation at 118 Cliff Road
Nantucket Footprints – Virtual Garden Tour of NCF – 118 Cliff Road
For more information, please get in touch with Willa Arsenault, Environmental Program Coordinator:

Resources for Cultivation:

Surfing Hydrangea Nursery:
Moors End Farm:
Butterfly Effect Farm:
Xerces Society Northeast Regional Pollinator Conservation Resources:

Planting for Helpful Predators: