Green Crab Research

The Nantucket Land & Water Council (NLC) has collaborated with the Town of Nantucket Natural Resources Department and the Maria Mitchell Association to investigate the numbers and population dynamics of green crabs in Nantucket Harbor. This work has expanded in 2020 to include the NLC’s new green crab molting program, which is designed to explore the possibilities of this invasive species as a viable Nantucket fishery. The green crab is considered a delicacy in its European home waters- crabs are eaten soft-shell, a mainstay in soups and stews, crab cakes, and even the roe is a favorite of fishing communities along the Mediterranean sea. The NLC hopes to bring the centuries-old tradition of cooking green crabs right here to Nantucket, supporting local businesses and helping to solve an ecological problem wreaking havoc in our harbors.

The Water Fund enables the NLC to continue investing in this research. It is important that Nantucket gain a better understanding of all threats to our natural marine ecosystems. Join us in this important research by making a donation to The Water Fund and if you would like to get involved in the Land Council’s green crab research as a volunteer, please contact resource ecologist RJ Turcotte at for upcoming volunteer opportunities!