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Nantucket PFAS Well Project
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Welcome to the Nantucket PFAS Well Project – a community-driven initiative that unites researchers, non-profit groups, and concerned residents to address a critical need for private well owners regarding PFAS information.

As state and national PFAS drinking water standards come into effect, private well owners face the burden of costly testing with limited resources to navigate this complex challenge. At the Nantucket PFAS Well Project, we recognized the urgency for a cost-effective screening method, empowering homeowners with the latest information for informed decisions.

We are excited to introduce a groundbreaking well testing method pioneered by Dr. Graham Peaslee and his team at Notre Dame University.

To assist the community in interpreting results and taking further action, we will provide clear guidance and comprehensive resources on suitable filters and additional testing options.

Join us on this mission to provide accessible knowledge and affordable solutions, enabling every homeowner to take charge of their well-being and environment. Together, we strive to create a safer and healthier community for all. Your water quality matters, and the Nantucket PFAS Well Project empowers you with vital information.

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