Stormwater Sampling

In 2017 the Nantucket Land & Water Council (NLC) began working with the Town of Nantucket Department of Public Works to sample stormwater from select outfall pipes as it enters Nantucket Harbor. The Town has never directly sampled this stormwater input which could be a significant source of pollution to the marine environment. Finding out what pollutants are entering the harbor from these locations, and in what quantities, is important as the Town prioritizes expensive infrastructure upgrades to the stormwater system.

The NLC is also working with The Horsley Witten Group (HW) on possible Best Management Practices and bioremediation designs for the Town to use in the future. HW is recognized as one of the most experienced stormwater management design, assessment, planning, policy, and training consultants in New England.

The Water Fund will enable the NLC to continue our sampling initiative – highlighting areas of concern and providing the Town with valuable information for future planning, as well as enabling us to continue tapping into Horsley Witten as a resource for future infrastructure improvements.