2023 Annual Labor Day Dinner Celebration

Over Labor Day weekend, the Nantucket Land & Water Council celebrated another year of natural resources and water protection at our Annual Dinner. This year’s dinner was co-chaired by Susan Baer and Mary-Randolph Ballinger and was hosted by Susan Baer. It was a perfect evening to share in the energy and enthusiasm of the NLWC’s ongoing work and mission. Many thanks to all of our Table Hosts, guests, and our generous wine sponsor, Donelan Family Wines!


Special recognition and thank you are extended to:


Susan Baer and Mary-Randolph Ballinger


Susan Baer


The Cox/Bartram/Farrell Families
Susan Baer & Nancy Gillespie
Mary-Randolph Ballinger
Bill and Margi Brenizer
Lucy Dillon
Bob and Barbara Friedman
Charlie and Emmy Kilvert
Peter and Bonnie McCausland
Brooks and Meredyth Smith

Wines generously provided by: Donelan Family Wines

We appreciate your support of the Nantucket Land & Water Council’s work to protect Nantucket’s natural and water resources and look forward to continuing this work together.