2023 Water Fund Challenge

Help the NLWC Meet the Water Fund Challenge!

Support the NLWC’s efforts to protect our fresh and marine water resources – DONATE to support our Water Fund Challenge TODAY!

Clean water is vital to the health of our community! We all want drinkable, fishable, swimmable waters!

The NLWC works to protect our waters!

We Pay Attention: Monitoring and providing public comment and input on proposed projects that could have an adverse effect on our freshwater or saltwater systems

We Raise Awareness: Providing education and outreach to help our community reduce nutrient impacts

We Take Action: Spearheading collaborative projects that involve research, testing and restoration of our waters such as our Eelgrass Restoration and PFAS Well Testing Projects

The NLWC Water Fund is a donor-restricted fund dedicated to supporting collaborative marine and freshwater projects on Nantucket.

In 2023, members of the NLWC board have, once again, come together to offer a generous Water Fund Challenge Grant to the organization. Any gift to our 2023 Water Fund will be matched on a 1:1 basis up to $75,000!

Thank You to Our
2023 Water Fund Challenge Grant Donors!

Susan and Michael Baer
Mary-Randolph Ballinger
The Cox Family Foundation
Lucy Dillon
Robert and Barbara Friedman
Bonnie and Peter McCausland – The McCausland Foundation
Alan and Virginia Nathan
Lars and Jane Soderberg

YOUR Support is vital to protecting Nantucket’s fresh and marine water resources – DONATE to help us Meet the Water Fund Challenge TODAY!