NLC News: Clean Water Topics on Tap – Summer 2021 Free Webinars

The Nantucket Land & Water Council is excited to continue our virtual educational series:
Clean Water – Topics on Tap! Each month, the NLC hosts a special guest speaker for a live virtual webinar, who will present on an important water quality topic followed by a live Q&A. Each monthly webinar will be held via Zoom and registration is free and open to all. Watch previous editions of Clean Water: Topics on Tap at the link below.

Summer Edition 2021: Join us!

May 13 at 5pm: Septic Systems 101 

Hosted by Alissa Cox, PhD (Director of the New England Onsite Wastewater Training Program, Department of Natural Resources, University of Rhode Island) and Stephen Visco (Chair, Nantucket Board of Health and Owner, Visco Pumping Inc).

Learn about septic system basics, advanced Nitrogen removal systems, as well as relevant research findings on how these advanced systems perform, and/or how coastal systems are being affected by climate change. We will discuss how this critical infrastructure protects public and environmental health here on Nantucket. Register HERE.

Register for future summer dates!

June 17 at 5pm: Sandbar Sharks on Nantucket, Who are they, What are they up to, and Why do we care?

Join us for an introduction to Nantucket’s Sandbar sharks, their biology, behavior and the logistics of tracking one of Nantucket’s top marine predators. Caroline Collatos, a shark biologist and PhD student at the New England Aquarium will be presenting her local research project titled”  Investigating presence and habitat use of Sandbar sharks (Carcharhinus plumbeus) around Nantucket, MA,”. Register HERE.

Hosted by Caroline Collatos, Sandbar Shark Researcher and RJ Turcotte, Nantucket Waterkeeper, Nantucket Land & Water Council.

July 15 at 5pm: Green Crabs: Danger and Delicacy

Join us for an information session and cooking demonstration to learn how we are turning this invasive species into a dining delicacy! Register HERE.

Hosted by Mary Parks, Director and Founder of and co-author of The Green Crab Cookbook, and RJ Turcotte, Nantucket Waterkeeper, Nantucket Land & Water Council.

August 19 at 5pm: Coastal Plastics in and around Nantucket

Join us to learn about the latest research on coastal plastics around Nantucket, as well as the initiatives at work to address them. Register HERE.

Hosted by Graeme Durovich, Recycling and Solid Waste Coordinator, DPW.

September 16 at 5pm: Working Together on Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) – Collaboration on Capaum Pond

Join the Nantucket Land & Water Council, with our partner the Nantucket Conservation Foundation, to learn about collaborative efforts to monitor and address Harmful Algal Blooms at Capaum Pond and around Nantucket. Register HERE.

Hosted by Emily Molden, Executive Director, Nantucket Land & Water Council, RJ Turcotte, Nantucket Waterkeeper, Nantucket Land & Water Council, and Karen Beattie, Director of Science and Stewardship, Nantucket Conservation Foundation.