NLC News: April 21 – Watching our Water with RJ Turcotte

Meet Nantucket’s Waterkeeper and learn about the Nantucket Land & Water Council’s newest water protection and advocacy membership as part of The Waterkeeper Alliance, Wednesday, April 21 at 5:30pm via Zoom. This important organization works to protect and preserve our water resources worldwide and here on Nantucket. This FREE PUBLIC webinar will not be recorded; please tune in live. Register HERE.Nantucket Land & Water Council Waterkeeper logo

RJ Turcotte serves as Nantucket’s first Waterkeeper as part of the Land Council’s Nantucket Waterkeeper program. As your Waterkeeper, he represents the “eyes and ears” of our island’s water resources by conducting research, educating the public, advocating for environmentally sound projects across the island and being an active presence on our ponds and harbors. The Nantucket Waterkeeper is the watchdog for Nantucket County, five miles offshore in every direction as well as Nantucket Sound. As your lead environmental advocate, RJ closely monitors both freshwater and marine resources in this territory to restore and improve our beautiful environment. RJ earned a B.S. in Marine Biology from the University of Rhode Island and has years of experience in habitat restoration and water quality research. When he isn’t working to protect our aquifer or eelgrass, he’s fishing, paddling or backpacking.