Surfside Crossing

NLC Will Appeal Surfside Crossing’s Permit

On Friday, September 16th the Housing Appeals Committee (HAC), the state agency charged with reviewing appeals of Comprehensive Permits for Chapter 40b subdivisions, issued a decision approving Surfside Crossing’s 156-unit development on 13.5 acres off South Shore Road. The NLC has been challenging this development for impacts on rare and endangered species habitats, lack of any meaningful open space component, as well as numerous other environmental and community impacts since it was proposed in 2018. The current zoning of this property (LUG2) would allow for a 6-lot subdivision. Despite the developers’ claim that this oversized development is all about affordable housing, the minimum number of restricted units as required by state Chapter 40b statute, will in no way outweigh the costs and impacts to the community. The Nantucket Land & Water Council will appeal the HAC’s recent decision to Superior Court.

The current project proposal for 156 condominium units in 18 buildings will require the entire site to be clear cut, ultimately leaving a 10-25’ vegetated buffer around the perimeter. This plan is drastically different from the 60-unit mixed housing permit issued by the Zoning Board of Appeals in 2019, and also drastically different from the developers’ original proposal. The HAC inappropriately determined that the changes were insubstantial and declined to remand the new design back to the ZBA for review. Now a single administrative agency is determining the future of this incredibly dense development with no local input from Nantucket’s Town officials, regulatory agencies, or community. 

Providing the minimum 25%, or 39 units as income-restricted subsidized housing is totally insufficient when the remaining 75% or 117 can become luxury resort STRs. The development includes a 2.2 million dollar clubhouse, while the developers refused to employ environmental monitors during construction for a mere $50,000. This development is way too intense, and the community has far too much to lose if it proceeds.

We hope the Town will move forward with an appeal of this decision as well and challenge the inaccurate claims that “this development will be good for Nantucket.” Click here to read more and for information on contacting your Select Board members to voice your own concerns and the need for an appeal.

If you would like to contact our Select Board members to let them know your concerns about this decision, please email them:

Jason Bridges, Chair

Dawn E. Hill Holdgate, Vice Chair

Matt Fee

Brooke Mohr